A Life of Serving

February 13, 2012

But the greatest among you shall be your servant. Matthew 23:11

If you want to have greatness, get involved with a life of serving. Jesus came not “to be served, but to serve” (Matthew 20:28). The world is skewed in valuing what’s important, grabbing at any form of happiness that can be found. But a follower of Jesus knows that the greatest in God’s kingdom is a servant (Matthew 23:11). Here’s a ten-step recipe for happiness: Do something good for somebody and then repeat it elsewhere nine more times.

“One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” –Albert Schweitzer, theologian and physician

We all have aspirations to live great lives and bear a lot of fruit. God anoints for greatness every believer that understands the invitation to serve. You do have a gift, and God calls you to use it to serve others (1 Peter 4:10).

Don’t underestimate the “little” moments of kindness—letting someone go ahead of you in line, promptings to pray, a phone call, a simple note. These are all divine encounters coming from a heart of servanthood. This church is what it is because of those who serve, because of all of you who have given your lives to honor God and help people. And that is true greatness.

God bless you,
Pastor Jeff

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