The Virtue of Humility
God Invites Us to Seek Him
The Humble Life
Advancement, Accomplishment, Achievement, Fruitfulness
Taking Aim in the New Year
Blessings God’s Way
God’s Blessings Adds No Sorrow
From Human Toil to Supernatural
God Supplies All My Needs
Powerful Perfected in Weakness
From Weakness Made Strong
Spiritual Strength
Philippians 4: Think on These Things
Philippians 4 gives us a list of attributes the things we think about should have. Knowing these can help us filter our thoughts, and stay on track with what God has for us!
Patterns for 2023
Going Forward in Joy, Love, Peace & Faith in 2023
Let’s work together to let 2023 be a year of Joy, Love, Peace, and Faith! Learn more about what you can do in your own life this year to live at peace in this message from Pastor Jeff Perry. 
Going Forward in 2023
Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Durability, and Longevity. These are some of the traits we should be keeping our focus on while we continue in our walk with God! Learn more in this new-years message from Pastor Jeff Perry.
Agreement. Harmony. Be of the Same Mind
The Bible talks about how we should do what we can to be in harmony and agreement with each other! Let’s all strive to be at peace!
Adoption. Family. The Power of Agreement
Jesus taught us in the book of Mathew about the importance and power of two or more people agreeing together! Learn more in this inspirational message from Pastor Jeff Perry. 
Holy Spirit Guidance
We can receive help from the Holy Spirit! In this message, about what God’s voice sounds like, and how you can tune your spirit to hear Him!
Be Led. Spiritual Help.

We can be led by the spirit! In this message, familiarize yourself with the ways the Holy Spirit talks to us, and how you can tune your spirit to be sensitive to God!

Help From the Holy Spirit

We can receive help from the Holy Spirit! In this message, learn about our relationship with the Holy Spirit, and why He was sent to help us!