St. Louis Family Church was born in the heart of our founding pastor, Jeff C. Perry, when he was living in the Chesterfield area in 1977. Eleven years later, after he completed Bible school, served as a missionary, and worked faithfully in the ministry, Pastor Jeff and his wife Patsy held Family Church’s first service in June 1988, with 128 people.

For the next few years we moved to new locations as we outgrew old ones, meeting every Friday night and eventually adding a Sunday morning service. Finally, in the spring of 1993, St. Louis Family Church moved into our own building. Just a few months later, we were “evicted” by the Great Flood of ‘93 when the Missouri River submerged Chesterfield Valley in more than nine feet of filthy river water. Undaunted, we strapped on our boots and gloves, grabbed some shovels and started to clean up. Hundreds of people from Family Church spread throughout the Valley helping residents and business owners remove mud and debris from their facilities, clear fields and roadways, and rebuild homes. In the spring of 1994, we reclaimed the land and buildings God had given us, more determined than ever to reach our generation.

Since then, we’ve seen thousands of people come to Christ, and St. Louis Family Church is launching out into the future with faith-filled optimism and the message of hope.